what is sugaring?




  • All natural ingredients (nothing artifical, no chemicals)

  • Water-soluble (Sugar can wiped away with water)

  • Safe to the touch (Not HOT like wax)

  • Long Lasting

  • Goes with the growth of hair, not against like wax

Body Sugaring FAQ

Q: What is Body sugaring?

    A: Body sugaring is a form of natural hair removal.

Q: What is it made of?

    A: All natural products- sugar, lemon, and water.

Q: Is sugaring painful?

    A: All hair removal can be painful, after all, we are removing             hair from the root. Everyone has a different pain tolerance           so you won't know until you try it, but in our experience, no         one has run screaming for the hills...

Q: Does it hurt as much as waxing?

    A: No. And for a few reasons...sugar isn't hot, it can't tear the            skin and hair is removed in the natural direction of growth            without those awful strips!

Q: Can Sugaring burn or tear the skin like traditional waxing?

    A: No. Sugar is water soluble and will not stick to the live skin         cells and is applied at body temperature, never hot!

Q: Can you eat the sugar paste?

    A: Yes, preferably before we use it on you! Very tasty!

Q: What is the difference in waxing and sugaring?

    A: They differ in temperature, application, the direction hair is         removed in, the amount of time for the service, how much           hair is removed in a service, and the biggest thing is the               end result. Sugar is applied against the hair growth and               removes the hair in the natrual direction in which it grows,           this allows better extraction with less breakage of the hair.           The sugar is applied at body temperature, so no burning.             The sugar does not require 10-14 days of hair growth, we             only need about 5 days from the day last shaved.

Q: I'm planning my wedding when should I get sugared?

    A: Your first visit should 10-12 days before your wedding, then         come back in for a 7 day clean up a day or two before your           wedding day. This will allow for the best results for that                 special time!

Q: Can you drink alcohol before your service to help relax?

    A: Alcohol actually does NOT help at all and should be saved         for after your service.

Q: What can I take to help ease the discomfort?

    A: We are not doctors so we do not recomended anything,             but if you had a headache what would you take?