Starbucks Satur-daze

I have a confession. I am obsessed with Starbucks!!

I don't just love them for Iced Americanos and Bacon & Gruyere Sous Vide Egg Bites...for real.....THOSE EGG BITES ARE LIFE! Do yourself a favor and try them. Fluffy. Bacony. MAGIC!

I love Starbucks for the environment they provide. I adore a cozy morning of photo editing, blogging, trip planning, life planning, meal planning, planning to plan (yes, it's a thing) with my butt planted in one of the chairs at my local coffee spot. I know I could do all of those things on my comfy couch or at my Kitchen Island 🌴...aloha. However, when I am home, I am constantly distracted. Ie: Oh look, the floor is covered in muddy paw prints. Better put those dishes away, Cinderella. A nap? Okay!

When I am at a coffee shop, I am so much more focused. Does that even make the least bit of sense?! Probably not! I guess I am a performance based machine. I only perform well if there are other humans around to prove my productivity. Someone pat me on the dang back!

Can anyone else relate?!

This is my little haven, my people watching headquarters. Yes, I'm a nosey Rosie. Right now, there are three people sipping coffee and reading books, a high school gentleman interviewing with an elderly man about applying to HARVARD (yes..I am close enough to eavesdrop), a mid-twenty year old man with headphones playing a fairly intense computer game, a middle aged man watching a youtube video titled, "Air and Missile Defense at a Crossroads", and a woman with a shirt reading "Allergic to Mornings" and bluetooth ear piece deep in a phone conversation. Man, I could make a legit stalker....err...private eye. I'm certainly a creep. I've watched numerous "couples" enter in last night's outfit to grab a cup of coffee. Of course, I'm imagining they are on their way back to the bar to retrieve their separate vehicles. OOO...such a good narrative.

It's so interesting to watch the lives of others going on around you. Sometimes, if you're sneaky, which I am, they have no idea that they have a visitor. This world is such an interesting place. You just need to get out in it and see everything it has to offer.

Which leads my thought process into...RANDOM WEEKEND GET AWAY!

I am looking for a weekend away from Ft Hood. If you've ever visited this area, you know EXACTLY why.

I have googled "cheap flights to ANYWHERE from Austin", "Weekend Getaway from Austin", "HELP ME ESCAPE!"...okay, not really to that last one. I am looking for the most affordable flight and hotel stay. The destination doesn't really matter. I just want somewhere new. I want to explore. My kind of exploration. I love to pretend to be a local. I want to sit in coffee shops, on the patio of a neat mom and pop bistro, the park benches...okay..I like to sit and PEOPLE WATCH! I want to see beautiful things and beautiful people. I want to photograph life.

Where should I go!?!